Someone asked for pictures of me, so here's a couple I grabbed from my pile'o'pictures that are supposed to be in my album :-)

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Christmas 1998 - (what happened to my hair?)

I was Santa this year, even
 I got a present! (ya the album these pictures are supposed to be in!) Dad always wanted a bowling
 alley of his very own!

Arriving at Maureen's for
 boxing day with my parents. Boxing day: Me, (missing
 head, likely Ryan),Kathy,Shelly,Omer,Grandma,Jeannine,Doug,Steve,Kim Oh No!  it's a cousin!

Thanksgiving 1998 weekend - at Marg's camp (little rideau lake(?))

Marg && I at the supper
 table Group shot at the supper
 table: Marg, myself, Marg's Mother, Russ, Rina, Marg's Father and Liz.  Oh
 ya, Dad's nose on the left edge. The work crew taking the
 dock out of the water The Non-work crew

We're standing here
 with our winter coats on and you're going to do what? Ya, she's doing it!

Marg sure
 looks tired the day after at supper at Russ & Rina's place.

My Cousin Doug's wedding - August 1998

The Cousin's
 table: Me in my new suit, Shelly, Kim, Rina, Russ, Steve, Shane & Tim The Day After

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Updated: August 27, 2001