Someone asked for pictures of me, so here's a couple I grabbed from my pile'o'pictures that are supposed to be in my album :-)

Leave your pointer over the picture a second to see the description.

Halloween 2000 - (Josee and I dressed up as her parents, 25yrs ago)

It's Me - I look funny just
 standing there That looks *MUCH*
 better! There's my girl!

August 2000 - (Chuck's Wedding in California)

Me and my parents
 before heading to Alcatraz Island James & I - the
 wedding day pictures Another one of
 the two of us James & I behind
 Chuck - he's video taping the photographer

January 2000 - (Party at the Fox & Feather)

Invitation to
the Fox Mike, Stef and

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Updated: August 27, 2001